Massive Roadside Explosion Kills Six Children

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

Tragic news has just come out of Afghanistan. The country has been torn apart over the last decade due to war and violence, and it appears to be continuing.

Officials have just confirmed that another massive explosion has rocked the country. According to reports, a roadside mine has exploded, killing six children in northern Balkh province.

The children were reported to be shepherd children between ages 8 and 10. Please join us in praying for their families during this tragic time.

At this time, no immediate group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, officials believe the Taliban was responsible for the blast and believe insurgents planted the mine to target Afghan officials.

"Afghanistan has the highest number of mine victims in the world, which along with other roadside bombs kill or wound an estimated 140 people every month," according to the Associated Press.

Please join us in praying for peace across the Middle East. In other breaking news, WWII survivor of Bataan Death March has just passed away at the age of 100.

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