Massive Earthquake Off Alaska Puts Entire West Coast on Tsunami Alert

January 23, 2018Jan 23, 2018

Early Tuesday a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off of Alaska’s Kodiak Island, alerting authorities and putting the entire West Coast on high alert for a possible tsunami.

Buoy 46410, northeast of the quake’s epicenter, recorded a “water displacement” of 32 feet, according to Fox News. The National Weather Service reported that the wave was projected to reach Kodiak, Alaska in about an hour after the initial earthquake.

So far, there have not been any reports of a wave, according to Lieutenant Tim Putney of the Kodiak Police Department. Still, authorities have issued a command that residents along the west coast flee to land 100 feet above sea level.

“This is a very large earthquake, and Alaska is no stranger to earthquakes or tsunamis,” said Janice Dean, Fox News’ Senior Meteorologist on “Fox & Friends.” “They’ve had four of them in the past.”

Though initial reports indicate that a wave has not hit any mainland areas, authorities are taking every precaution to ensure that residents are aware of the danger. The Kodiak Police and Anchorage Office of Emergency Management have urged residents to move to higher ground.

“This is not a drill,” said Kodiak Police Sergeant Derek Beaver. “This is an actual tsunami warning. Everyone please get at least 100 feet above sea level.”

The Anchorage Office of Emergency Management said, “If you are located in this coastal area, move inland to higher ground. “Tsunami warnings mean that a tsunami with significant inundation is possible or is already occurring. Tsunamis are a series of waves dangerous many hours after initial arrival time. The first wave may not be the largest.”

Please pray for the safety of residents in the areas affected by the tsunami. In recent news, a music legend ended his tour early due to a recent medical diagnosis. 

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