Massachusetts Lawmaker Accused of Taking Hundreds of Pounds of Donuts As Bribe

December 08, 2017Dec 08, 2017

On Friday, one former Massachusetts state senator was charged with using his position to collect $1 million in bribes.

But comically, his misuse of power didn't end there. He's also accused of getting hundreds of pounds of free Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Federal authorities charged the senator, Brian Joyce, with honest services mail fraud in the scheme, reported The Hill. They say accepted bribes through his position as a state senator. He then laundered the money through his law firm.

Prosecutors allege that Joyce also received hundreds of pounds of free coffee from a local Dunkin' Donuts franchise. In 2015, he received more than 500 pounds of coffee at one time, they said.

Authorities also claim that Joyce received free dry cleaning from a local dry cleaner. More seriously, he bought thousands of shares in a company that he actively lobbied for in the state senate.

“Brian Joyce represented over 100,000 Massachusetts citizens in the state legislature. He had a duty to serve them honestly. And he violated that duty by accepting bribes and kickbacks in exchange for his official action,” said acting U.S. Attorney William Weinreb.

Joyce was taken into custody. Harold Shaw, the special agent in charge of the Boston FBI office, told The Boston Globe that Joyce was arrested without incident.

“We believe Mr. Joyce was greedy, plain and simple," said Shaw. “As alleged, he blurred the line between his public duty and private business and failed to act in the best interest of his constituents.”

The Globe says Joyce rose quickly in politics. He got his start as an elected parks commissioner in Milton in 1993. In 1997, he ran for state Senate.

"He was an early backer of Senator Stanley Rosenberg’s for Senate president, and Rosenberg rewarded him by appointing him an assistant majority leader as well as chairman of a committee that decides whether bills go forward to a vote," related the Globe.

From then, Joyce rose to become one of the most powerful politicians in the Legislature.

Joyce has denied any wrongdoing. There's no word on what he was doing with so much coffee.

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