Mass Shooting Suspected Arrested After Huge Search, Multiple People Dead

April 23, 2018Apr 23, 2018

Police have arrested the suspect in a mass shooting at a restaurant after an intense search that started Sunday morning.

According to NBC News, 29-year-old Travis Jeffrey Reinking is suspected of opening fire at a Tennessee Waffle House with an AR-15, killing four people and injuring four more. A customer named James Shaw Jr. was hailed as a hero after he wrestled the rifle from the gunman’s hands as he was reloading, BBC News reported.

"I was completely doing it just to save myself," Shaw said afterward. "I did save other people, but I don't want people to think that I was the Terminator or Superman or anybody like that."

Reinking then reportedly ran away from the restaurant, shedding his cloak with nothing else underneath. The young man is white, and the four people he shot were young minorities, leading police to suspect that his attack may have been racial in nature, according to CNN.

Police caught up with Reinking just after 1 p.m. Central on Monday after getting a tip from some construction workers who spotted him. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, Reinking was arrested in the woods just a mile from the Waffle House shooting in Antioch.

He was arrested without incident and was clothed. During a press conference, police revealed that they had found a Kimber .45-caliber handgun in his backpack, along with ammo, a holster, and his Colorado ID. He was caught close to where he lived.

According to the Washington Post, Reinking has gotten in trouble a couple times in the past. Last year, he tried to get some lifeguards to fight with him after he jumped into a pool while wearing a pink dress. In 2016, he was arrested while trying to cross a security barrier into the White House. He declared himself a "sovereign citizen" and said he wanted to talk with President Trump. 

Reinking had his guns confiscated from him at the time but ended up allegedly using one of them — the AR-15 — to shoot up the Waffle House. It's unclear who he regained possession of the weapon.

Prayers for the families of the victims! In other news, a number of people were mowed down by a van that swerved onto a sidewalk on Monday.

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