Martha Stewart's Daily Morning Routing is Unbelievable

August 22, 2017Aug 22, 2017

Martha Stewart is one of the most famous homemakers in the world. She is known for her cooking skills and her way of bringing new life and fresh perspective to everyday things.

In a recent interview, Martha discussed her morning routine. For most of us, we would need to go back to bed after completing what Martha does almost every day!

"I generally read the New York Times right away. I have my iPad right next to my bed and I do the mini-crossword puzzle — if I haven’t done it before I go to bed, because the new one is posted around midnight. It’s sort of a habit I have," she said in the interview.

Martha then explains that her next step is to let out her cats and turn on a special light on for her thirty canaries. Stewart also says her canaries are “very healthy” ones too!

After that, Martha does an early morning workout with her two French bulldogs. Upon completing her workout, Martha then has breakfast. She usually has a small cappuccino with whole milk, a homemade green juice, and some food. She currently eats a lot of soft-boiled eggs.

"Most people who have chickens will tell you their chickens stop laying in the winter time. And mine never stop laying... I really think it’s attributed to the fresh food that they get, all year round," she mused. "I mean, the yolks of my eggs taste better than any you’ve ever had,” said Martha.

“Finally, Stewart heads out on her hour-or-more commute to Manhattan, during which she'll read not one but three newspapers (the Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post) and take calls,” reported Time.

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