Marshawn Lynch Returns to the NFL and Does the Unthinkable During National Anthem

August 13, 2017Aug 13, 2017

Marshawn Lynch became a household name in recent years after rising to fame with the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch earned the nickname of “Beast Mode” for his relentless running style as the tailback for Seattle.


Fans were shocked to learn of his retirement when Lynch declared he was no longer continuing his career. Even while retired, Lynch stayed involved in football and spent time in his hometown of Oakland, California.

Now, Lynch made a major announcement and is returning to play football in the NFL. He has joined his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders. However, what Lynch just did during a preseason football game is making national headlines.

“Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during the national anthem Saturday evening prior to a National Football League preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals,” according to reports. He also ate a banana while he sat.

The news made fans extremely outraged. Lynch’s refusal to stand, or even kneel, comes on the heels of Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest. Lynch’s coach spoke to his player and asked him if he was protesting like Kaepernick did.

“I talked to Marshawn, I wanted to make sure we’re on the same page,” Jack Del Rio told reporters following the game. “He said this is something I’ve done for eleven years, it’s not a form of anything other than me being myself.”

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