Married at First Sight’s Clint Reveals Ex’s Pregnancy to Wife Gina

Bringing them nearer collectively. An train from the Married at First Sight consultants helps Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb bond in Us Weekly‘s unique clip from the Wednesday, March 8, episode of the Lifetime actuality present.

The newlyweds have to carry fingers through the train, and the instructions say to disclose what brings them pleasure first.


“Such a loaded query,” Gina feedback. “I might say, positively high quality time with those who I really like brings me pleasure. Touring brings me pleasure, and I might say simply decompressing brings me pleasure.”

“I’m within the three F membership: Buddies, household — are you aware what the third one is?” Clint asks.

When Gina says she has no concept what he’s referring to, Clint reveals that it’s “meals.”

The pair then must open up about varied tough instances of their lives. Gina, for her half, shares that she’s been left with trauma from her youthful years [ that she’s had to work through as an adult.

“For sure, like, childhood was pretty difficult for me. My mom and dad were divorced at a young age. We moved around a lot,” she explains. “So I had to do a lot of therapy to try to work through that, but I really think the way that I’ve overcome most adversity is just like a mindset shift. And also know at the end of the day that no matter what you come from you’re not necessarily a product of an environment.”

When she asks Clint about his dark times, he reveals that he once was expecting a baby with an ex-girlfriend.

“Oh, man. So, you know, I got a girl pregnant, and she had a miscarriage unfortunately after a couple weeks,” he shares. “And that tore me up because I was super excited and we didn’t plan on it. We had the conversation like, was she gonna keep it? Did she not want to? Like, ultimately it was her decision, but I wanted her to have it. I will be always present in the kid’s life, I’ll be the financial supporter — regardless of what happens to us. Like, I was fully committed. She ended up having a miscarriage.”

For Clint, it was one of the most stressful times in his life. “It wasn’t either of our fault. But I literally was getting full body rashes because I was so nervous,” he recalls. “I’ve never had physical symptoms to an emotional [situation].”

Gina comforts her husband, noting that she was blissful he might divulge heart’s contents to her about such a tough time from his previous.

“It’s tremendous unhappy that he had such an emotional and bodily response to his ex-girlfriend and the miscarriage. And it’s essential, I feel, to share these forms of weak moments with somebody if you’re to essentially construct a relationship,” she explains. “It positively makes me really feel somewhat bit nearer that he can belief in me and share these forms of issues.”

See how the opposite {couples} deal with being weak with one another when Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime Wednesday, March 8, at 8 p.m. ET.