Member of Meghan Markle's Family Detained in London For Serious Incident Following Royal Wedding

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

The Royal wedding was a spectacular event! People around the world watched as Prince Harry married this beautiful bride, Meghan Markle!

The list of wedding guests was exactly what you would have imagined for such a big event. Famous celebrities and world leaders all came together top watch the couple tie-the-knot. However, not everyone close to the couple made the guest list.

According to reports, Meghan's nephew, his brother, and their mother flew to London but did not attend the wedding. After the ceremony was over, the group decided to go out for a night on the town while in London. That's when things took a turn for the worst!

Meghan's nephew tried to carry a knife into a nightclub. When he was searched by security, the weapon was discovered and he was destined momentarily.

"Accompanied by his brother TJ, 26, and their mother Tracy, who is the ex-wife of Markle’s brother Thomas Markle, the group was being searched upon entry. He then told bouncers that he had the four-inch blade," reported Newsweek.

A source told the paper: “They were all obviously a bit tipsy from celebrating the wedding, but not in bad spirits. As Tyler came up to the bouncer, he said, ‘I have a knife on me.’ He pulled it out and handed it to the staff. All he was going on about was how he’d brought it from America because Donald Trump had said London wasn’t safe. They acted very calmly and dialed 999 and that’s when some local guys told him he’d get arrested. At that point, he ran off.”

It's safe to say there is a good reason why Meghan's nephew was not an official wedding guest. He is also reported to be a legal cannabis farmer in America.

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