Conservatives Call Out Mark Zuckerberg on His Response to President Trump

September 28, 2017Sep 28, 2017

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to weigh in with his thoughts on the biased media. In two separate tweets, he specifically called out Facebook, the New York Times, and the Washington Post for continuously releasing anti-Trump “Fake News.”

This feud between the mainstream media and Trump has been a hot topic since the campaigns for last year’s presidential election. On multiple occasions, certain news sources have released apologetic statements for publishing false information. Additionally, Trump, his family, and other names in politics have called out the media for skewing information towards a Left agenda.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, responded to President Trump’s claim later on the same day. Ultimately, Zuckerberg defended the social media platform, initiating that the only roles Facebook played in the 2016 presidential election was offering a space for potential voters to publicly discuss their political opinions, operating as a primary communication tool for the nominees, and increasing the number of registered voters.

Zuckerberg assured that Facebook was not biased towards any one particular nominee. He also mentioned that both conservatives and liberals have expressed their frustrations because they assumed Facebook was biased towards the other party, but according to Zuckerberg, that is not true. Read his full statement below.

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After Zuckerberg released his official statement, conservatives called him out and reminded him of one thing—in 2016, the multi-billion dollar company was under fire for manipulating their “trending topics” in favor of the liberal agenda.

The allegations started after a former journalist came forward, revealing that conservative topics organically trending were purposely censored out of the trending news section. Essentially, employees controlled this section of the platform by implementing their own biases, reported Gizmodo. Facebook, of course, denied the allegations.

Mark Dice, a popular conservative political commentator, was among many who commented on Zuckerberg's response. See a few tweets shared by conservative users below.

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