Christians Can Learn 1 Important Thing About Faith from Actor Mark Wahlberg

September 19, 2018Sep 19, 2018

Academy and Golden Globe-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg is often recognized for his starring roles in comedy and action films such as “Daddy’s Home,” “Patriots Day,” and “Shooter.” What some Wahlberg fans don’t know is that he is also a strong man of faith.

His faith testimony is a deep and powerful one that begins with Wahlberg being consumed in a life of trouble. After spending time in prison as a teenager, Wahlberg leaned on his Catholic faith to overcome his obstacles. God eventually used him in unimaginable ways that led him to where he is now — a husband, father, and successful Hollywood star who is unashamed of his beliefs.

Recently, Wahlberg stunned fans with his daily schedule. He regularly wakes up at 2:30 AM and manages to have a very productive morning filled with healthy meals, exercise, and most importantly, time with God.

The first activity Wahlberg does when he wakes up is spend at least 30 minutes in prayer. This is one important thing Christians can learn about faith from “The Fighter” star. Countless times throughout the Bible, we are reminded of the importance of prayer in our daily lives.

Jeremiah 29:12

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

1 Chronicles 16:11

“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.”

This isn’t the first time Wahlberg has been real about his Christian beliefs. Earlier this year, he shared his faith testimony in an “Above Inspiration” video — touching on his time in prison and his transition to serving God.

“It’s still, every day it’s a process. That’s why I start my day every day by getting on my hands and my knees and starting a time of prayer and reading and reading scripture and then I feel like I can go out there and conquer the world,” Wahlberg revealed.

“We are blessed to be able to have a fresh start every day. You just got to be able to...have a confidence in yourself and believe in yourself...have faith and know that you can accomplish it and turn your life around,” the actor added giving all of the glory to God.

Watch Wahlberg’s full testimony below:

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