Mark Dice: Woman is Suing Trump for One of the Most Ridiculous Reasons Ever

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

This is truly a bizarre world we are living in amidst the ubiquity of social media.

That was proven when a woman recently sued President Trump, procuring a team of lawyers to claim he has violated her First Amendment rights by not letting her see his tweets.

According to Time, 47-year-old Holly O’Reilly says Columbia University lawyers are helping her make the case that the president went against the U.S. Constitution when he — or his Twitter account administration team — blocked her on Twitter, removing her ability to see his frequent messages to the nation.

Her lawyers are complaining to the White House that Trump’s official Twitter account is a “designated public form” that every American should have access to. They did not mention that Trump’s tweets are widely reported on my news outlets and other social media users, thus making them extremely easy to find.

The Washington, D.C. woman is a self-proclaimed Democrat and member of the “resistance” who has used her Twitter account to criticize the president.

O’Reilly called Trump’s blocking of her an “unconstitutional suppression of dissent.” She didn’t mention that she could easily see the president’s tweet if she created an additional, more anonymous Twitter account. Or she could simply logout of Twitter and still be able to see his tweets.

Now watch conservative media analyst Mark Dice explain why her lawsuit is even more ridiculous than it seems and expose her hypocrisy.

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