Mark Dice Responds to Tim Allen, Mentions ‘Last Straw’ for ABC Network

May 17, 2017May 17, 2017

On Friday, ABC network announced that they would be cancelling Tim Allen’s show, ‘Last Man Standing’. In the show, Tim Allen played Mike Baxter, a family man of three daughters with a strong marriage and conservative values.

Since the show had very high ratings, it was extremely ironic that it was cancelled after airing many scenes poking fun at liberal point-of-views and following Tim Allen's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, revealing he attended Trump’s inauguration.

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Tim Allen responded to the news on Tuesday.

Mark Dice, conservative media analyst, responded directly to Tim Allen’s post.

Many conservatives, including Mark Dice, are upset since this was the only comedy show for a conservative audience on ABC and the network is clearly giving into liberal standpoints.

This led to viewers boycotting the network entirely until ABC brings the show back. One petition currently has over 260,000 supporters and is growing rapidly.

Watch a scene from ‘Last Man Standing’ that Mark Dice also points out could have got the show cancelled:

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