Mark Dice: Did You See What Trump Did to CNN This Time? Take a Look

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

It’s no secret that President Trump doesn’t get along well with CNN and the New York Times. While the mainstream media outlets seemed to treat Obama with kid gloves, they now appear to be overly antagonistic toward Trump, trying to condemn him on every little detail.

So it’s no surprise that Trump chose to do what he did to them at a press conference on Friday.

According to Newsmax, both CNN and the New York Times were not allowed to sit as close as rest of the members of the media at the Rose Garden event but were instead sent towards the back. While they were still able to report on what happened during the press conference, Trump sent a clear signal to them that they weren’t guaranteed top-tier media positions simply because they were two of the largest outlets present.

Now watch as conservative media analyst Mark Dice presents CNN’s reaction to being relegated to the back seats:

If you remember, CNN’s Jim Acosta had a confrontation with then-President-elect Trump before the Jan 20 inauguration, resulting in Trump labeling his news network “fake news.”

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