Mark Dice: CNN Caught Fabricating a News Scene in Order to Push an Agenda

June 08, 2017Jun 08, 2017

The mainstream media continues to claim its reporting is not influenced by the overwhelming liberal political views of its reporters and producers, but evidence of political bias leaking in in the form of “news” comes in daily.

Sometimes it’s easier to see, though, with the unblinking eye of a video camera. That’s the case with cellphone footage someone captured of a fabricated on-the-street reporting scene by CNN after Saturday’s terrorist attack in London, according to conservative media analyst Mark Dice.

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Dice recently presented the footage by Twitter user Mark Antro as CNN producers appear to direct a group of hijab-wearing Muslims who are protesting the terror attack to pose behind the reporter in what is supposed to be the impromptu scene of a breaking news report.

In the footage, Antro and those around him can be heard mocking the CNN producers as they carefully direct the protesters to get behind the police line and pose perfectly behind the reporter so that all CNN viewers would see was a sea of peaceful Muslims protesting radical Muslims.

It appears to be a move by CNN to battle “Islamophobia” from viewers they believe are eager to condemn all Muslims as terrorists. The problem is, that’s not the role of a supposedly unbiased news outlet.

Watch as Dice presents the footage and explains exactly how CNN majorly violated journalism ethics in orchestrating their news scene:

Meanwhile, CNN has insisted that they did not direct the protesters and says that any claims that they did are “nonsense,” according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

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