Mark Cuban's 'Shark Tank' Venture in Big Trouble After Serious Incident

February 14, 2018Feb 14, 2018

One of the biggest names in the business world is also a popular investor and sports fan. Mark Cuban, known best for his "Shark Tank" investing show, is a billionaire businessman who has invested in numerous organizations.

One of the businesses Cuban chose to invest in was Ten Thirty One Productions. The company is responsible for producing some of the largest, and scariest, haunted theme parks in the United States. They are only open for a short time each year, around Halloween, but they get huge profits from their facilities.

Unfortunately for Ten Thirty-One Productions, a terrible accident has occurred that could spell some seriously scary situations for their bank account. It was just reported that a woman was injured at one of their events and a lawsuit is now shaping up.

"A woman who was attending says a fog machine fell during her fright night ... and banged her on the head. In the suit, she says she suffered serious and permanent injuries that have prevented her from performing her regular duties," reported TMZ.

The woman has decided to sue the company for her medical costs and damages. At this time, Cuban himself is not being sued. The accident took place on NYC's Randall's Island in 2016 -- the Haunted Hayride.

What do you think about this? Do you remember them from their "Shark Tank" episode? Let us know. Also, make sure to read our breaking news article about the school shooting that was just stopped.

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