'Trump's Top Pastor' Sends Fiery Message to Hillary Clinton After Her Latest Slip Up

October 30, 2018Oct 30, 2018

Recently, Americans witnessed yet another double standard when it comes to mainstream media. Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a racist joke that went virtually unscathed. 


Clinton was being interviewed for Recode by Kara Swisher. When Swisher got the statements of two black U.S. politicians confused, Cory Brooker and Eric Holder, Hillary quickly corrected her. After Swisher apologized, Hillary responded with an inappropriate joke. 

She said, "Yeah. I know they all look alike."

Swisher quickly added, "No they don't," while the audience let out a laugh.


While some have commented on Hillary's racist joke, agreeing it was highly inappropriate, the mainstream media has stayed quiet. Many people noted that this is a double standard and that if this comment would have come from a Republican, it would have been the entire focus of the news day.

One prominent black pastor and Trump supporter, Mark Burns, could not stay silent, however. During the presidential election, Burns was labeled by Times as "Donald Trump's Top Pastor" and he was considered to be among the "16 people who shaped the 2016 presidential election." The pastor took to social media on Tuesday to scold Hillary Clinton on her statement and to encourage his followers to stop being used by the Democratic Party. 

He said, "Quit being bewildered. Quit being used. Quit allowing people like Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party take our love for this nation and use us, forget about us, but want our vote!"

He concluded with, "You have six days to get out there and make a loud cry. We're done giving handouts. We're giving hand-ups."

Click on the link in the Tweet below to watch the complete video:


Many other people took to social media to talk about Hillary's comment.




What do you think about Hillary's statement and about Pastor Burns' response? Let us know! In other recent news, a major update was given on the 21 people who died after a middle school bus met a storm. 

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