Mark Harmon Allegedly Guilty Over Damage ‘NCIS’ Career Did To His Marriage

Is it? Mark HarmonLeave NCISAre you filled with regrets? One report says he’s never gotten over his feud with Pauley Perrette or the disagreements it caused with his wife. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Bittersweet Ending’

According to OK!Harmon decided to withdraw from NCIS not out of fatigue, but because he’s racked with guilt. Perrette, his former co-star, is still at odds with him. Perrette was ejected from the set after he objected to his dog being there. A source says, “She was basically told to shut up or leave, and Mark has a lot of guilt over that. What went down between him and Pauley has haunted him ever since.”

Pam Dawber, Harmon’s wife of 34 years, is sending him on a guilt trip as well. She gave up her job to help him, and took care of their family. Dawber “demanded that Mark live up to his promise to leave the show,” an insider says. Harmon is enjoying Montana but still thinks about his mistakes, including Perrette. A source concludes, “He hopes one day that she can forgive him.”

What’s Really Going On With Mark Harmon

It’s true that there’s an unresolved tension between Perrette and Harmon. Perrette said she was terrified of Harmon and implied she left the show after “multiple physical assaults.” As of 2019, she said she still had nightmares about him. That’s a bridge that may never be rebuilt.

OK!Harmon seems to be free from any wrongdoing. He is more like a co-star than a bogeyman. The narrative wants to pull at the reader’s heartstrings with its final lines, but reality just isn’t so simple.

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Harmon stayed on NCIS for three seasons after Perrette left, so it’s safe to say she had nothing to do with it. Showrunner Steve Binder made it sound like the doors are wide open for his return, so we haven’t seen the last of Agent Gibbs. Gossip CopIt is doubtful that Harmon knows what Dawber has to say to this outlet. Dawber, who is an actress herself knows the realities of the industry well and clearly had no problems. She has even guest starred in several episodes.

Other ‘NCIS’ Myths

OK! Once attempted to give Harmon the nickname Mr. Boring, but that didn’t exactly stick. It also attacked Harmon’s spending habits, dubbed him a notorious cheapskate. Why Harmon’s spending habits matter at all is still unknown.

This isn’t even the first time Gossip Cop has seen a tabloid evoke Perrette to explain Harmon’s exit. He left Harmon in 2019, many years before that. GlobeHarmon was fed-up, claimed Harmon NCIS. It specifically cited difficulties with co stars, but only Perrette has publicly expressed grievances. Perrette’s long since moved on from NCIS, and it’s high time that the tabloids do too.