Marine Corps Tries Out Women In Combat; What The Experiment Found

September 11, 2015Sep 11, 2015

Facing a January 1st deadline to integrated women into all combat roles in all military branches, the Marine Corps has been trying out female combatants for the past nine months.  According to The Washington Post, the results have been mixed. 


About two-dozen women were included in the experiment, which involved a training period and mock deployment in the California desert. But only two women stayed with the program until the end. Here's what was found:

1.  Women had difficulty completing some physical tasks, like moving 200-pound soldier dummies off of the battlefield and out of vehicles.

2.  Relationships between the male and female Marines sometimes, not surprisingly, turned romantic, which proved to be a distraction.

3.  A number of men dropped out of the program for "personal reasons."

4.  Some female Marines truly impressed their male counterparts, exceeding expectations of their abilities in the field.

5.  One of the two women who completed the program found that her desire to prove herself among the men gave her extra motivation to succeed. Lance Cpl. Callahan Brown commented that, “Only 7 percent [of Marines are female] and so few even wanted to be in the infantry, and that’s all I want, is to be with grunts.”

What do you think about integrating women into all aspects of military combat?