Hurricane Maria Leaves 100% of Puerto Rico with One Drastic Effect

September 20, 2017Sep 20, 2017

Category 5 Hurricane Maria, which started out as a mere tropical storm and escalated to a full-intensity hurricane in one day, made its first landfall in the Dominica on Monday. On Wednesday, Maria struck Puerto Rico as a Category 4, only a short time after the U.S. territory faced storm effects from Hurricane Irma.

Maria was expected to bring a great amount of damage to Puerto Rico, being one of the most intense hurricanes to strike the area in decades. Only hours in, Maria has already left 100% of Puerto Rico with one extremely drastic effect.

According to ABC News, all of Puerto Rico is currently without any power. Additionally, “severe damage” has already occurred on the island with shattered windows, overflowing bodies of water, fallen trees, and ruined infrastructures.

Many Twitter users have posted videos showing the horrible destruction Maria is causing; watch a few below. Please continue to pray for Puerto Rico and other areas in the path of Hurricane Maria. Thank you for your prayers!

In other breaking news, a great tragedy occurred in Mexico City amidst of the massive earthquake. An elementary school collapsed, leaving 25 dead and dozens missing. Read the latest updates here.

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