Margot Robbie Supposedly Pregnant With First Child According To Anonymous Source

It is Margot RobbieExpecting her first child with her husband Tom Ackerley? One tabloid’s cover story claims the couple is nearly ready to announce the news. Here’s what we know about Robbie’s family plans.

Margot Robbie Has ‘Baby On Board’?

The latest edition WhoMargot Robbie, according to reports, is ready for motherhood. Paparazzi noticed Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley at high-end baby boutiques. After settling on a teddy Bear and a small onesie, they went on to visit other boutiques. “They seemed happy about something,” an onlooker dished to the tabloid. Witnesses also noticed that the couple was extra affectionate during their outing. Ackerley lavished kisses on his wife and even picked up a couple bouquets of fresh flowers.

“Margot has wanted to be a mum ever since she and Tom tied the knot,” an insider confides. “And she’s always said that when she does get pregnant she’ll keep the news to herself and her closest family members.” But they’re beyond ecstatic for this new stage in their lives. “They’re both very excited but they’re also fiercely private, so they’ll make the announcement once they feel ready,” another source concludes.

Margot Robbie Ready To Be A Mom?

While it’s only natural to have pregnancy suspicions when you see a couple shopping for baby clothes, that’s all they are: suspicions. The couple certainly hasn’t indicated that they’re expecting, and this report is sheer speculation. And given what little evidence we have, we’re not sure they were shopping for themselves. Let us explain.

A few weeks ago, the couple was spotted drinking alcohol. That wouldn’t be a good look if Robbie had a baby on board. Furthermore, Robbie is set to start filmingThe highly anticipated Barbie film in 2022 — so we doubt she’s planning to play the famously-slim doll while sporting a baby bump. It’s totally possible their trip to the baby boutiques was to purchase a gift for someone else. Ackerley even purchased two bouquets of flowers, which is a very common item to bring to a baby shower.

Truthfully, we don’t know what the couple has planned. But there’s certainly more evidence to suggest Robbie isn’t pregnant than there is to support this tabloid’s story. And Robbie has expressed in the past, her decision on whether or not to have a baby is none of the tabloids’ business. If she is pregnant, she’ll announce that news in her own time.

The Tabloids on Margot Robertbie

Margot Robbie was the tabloid victim to slanders in the past. This happened earlier this year. Neue Idea Robbie was accused by the FBI of concealing her first child. Then Woman’s Day claimed Robbie and Ackerley were struggling with a “rift” in their marriage. More recently, In Touch Robbie was accused by her of being unfaithful. Obviously, none of these magazines has any insight into Robbie’s personal life.