Many Advocate for British Divers Who Rescued Thailand Cave Boys to be Knighted

July 11, 2018Jul 11, 2018

The world anxiously waited for updates from the mission to rescue the trapped Thailand cave boys. The boys were trapped for days after their cave suddenly became filled with water and left them stranded on a small ledge.

According to reports, a former Thai navy diver perished while trying to rescue the young men. He apparently lost consciousness on his way out of the cave moments after delivering air tanks. It should also be noted that the diver was risking his life as a volunteer.

As the boys sat in the dark cave and waited for volunteers and rescue workers to save them, one child used an amazing skill to help save the lives of his friends and coach! 14-year-old Adul Sam-on used his knowledge in numerous languages to communicate and translate languages for the rescuers and his fellow teammates.

There were even rescue crews from around the world assisting in the effort to retrieve the stranded group. The Thai Navy SEALS, as well as some British divers, did everything they could to help them! Now, people are calling them heroes!

Some folks even believe the British divers should be knighted for their efforts in the rescue! The ceremony of being knighted is a major honor in England. Do you think they should be knighted?!

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