Manny Pacquiao Retires With THIS Godly Gesture

April 12, 2016Apr 12, 2016

World champion boxer and Christian Manny Pacquiao says he's hanging up his gloves and retiring from the sport.


But according to The Inquirer, the boxer who has been vocal about his faith and opposition to homosexuality exited the ring with a final godly gesture to his sport. On Saturday night he hugged his final — and beaten — opponent, Timothy Bradley, and invited him to his Bible study.

So what's Pacquiao's next calling in life? According to the Desert Sun, to serve his people back in the Philippines.

"I already made a commitment to my family that after this fight I am going to go back home and spend more time with them,” he said. “And I [am] going to retire and serve the people of the Philippines. That is my focus.”

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he plans to return to politics and run for the Philippines Senate. While he seems reluctant to leave boxing and others have questioned how he'll deal with the massive reduction in income — he was the second highest paid athlete in the world in 2015 — he says his wife wants him to retire, according to ESPN.