Manifesto Suspect Left One Thing Behind Before Nationwide Manhunt Started

April 12, 2017Apr 12, 2017

Police across the nation are currently in a massive manhunt for convicted felon Jacob Jakubowski, who stole 18 guns from a shop on April 4th in Wisconsin and sent President Trump a 161 page manifesto threatening schools and making anti-religious remarks.

The suspect is believed to commit suicide-by-cop when found.

This frightening situation has led civilians, schools, churches, and government officials to be very cautious and placed on high alert. House Speaker Paul Ryan was even placed on extra security since Jakubowski was last seen in Ryan’s hometown (Janesville, Wisconsin).

According to Fox, Jakubowski’s sister found something that the suspect left behind: a draft apology letter to the gun store.

In the letter Jakubowski apologized for stealing the weapons and thanked the owner for their support of the Second Amendment.

However, he claimed he needed to take the guns for protection since he wasn’t able to purchase weapons due to his criminal past.

The reward for information regarding Jakubowski has been increased to $20,000. If you spot him or know about his possible whereabouts, please notify authorities immediately.

Please pray for protection of our country, government, and law enforcement officers involved!

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