Mandatory Evacuation Issued for This Part of Florida

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

The Monroe County, Florida, the seat of Key West, has order visitors and residents to begin evacuating ahead of Hurricane Irma. The mandatory evacuation order begins sunrise on Wednesday.

"Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 storm and catastrophic damage is possible in the Florida Keys and southern Florida this weekend, as a second storm has formed behind it," reported ABC news

In the announcement, Monroe County Emergency Management Director Martin Senterfitt warned people to take the evacuation notice seriously.

“If ever there was a storm to take seriously in the Keys, this is it." He added,  “The sooner people leave, the better.”

Shelters in Monroe County are not designed to withstand anything above a Category 2 hurricane, so in the case of a Category 3 hurricane or higher, Keys residents must evacuate to the shelter at the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition grounds, reported Local10 News

They also reported that Monroe County has also ordered its schools closed starting Wednesday. They will remain closed until the threat passes. 

Superintendent Mark Porter made the announcement Tuesday, saying schools will remain closed. A school board meeting for Thursday has also been canceled.

Florida's Governor, Rick Scott, declared a state of emergency earlier today, and he ordered the National Guard to be ready to move. This hurricane comes directly after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, rocking the whole nation. Pray for Florida as they deal with this impending natural disaster. 

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