Mandalay Bay Hotel Makes Major Announcement About Vegas Massacre

February 09, 2018Feb 09, 2018

It has been months since the Las Vegas massacre occurred. In the days since the shooting, law enforcement officials and investigators have tirelessly worked to uncover details about how the incident unfolded.

They have even released crime scene photos from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The hotel is situated across the street from where the country music festival took place. It was on the 32nd floor of the hotel that Stephen Paddock opened fire on innocent people.

Now, the hotel is making a big announcement. Many people wondered what would happen to the room Paddock used to shoot from. It appears that guests are no longer going to be staying in the room, or even floor, where he committed the evil act.

Mandalay Bay's 32nd floor is about to disappear. The number of the floor, from which gunman Stephen Paddock used an arsenal of rifles to kill 58 and wound more than 500 concert-goers on Oct. 1, will be eliminated, MGM Resorts confirmed Thursday, according to the LA Times.

"MGM Resorts media relations manager Brian Ahern said in an email the hotel's floors will be renumbered in mid-February. Floors 31 through 34 will be designated as floors 56 through 59," read the article.

The hotel has displayed a #VegasStrong banner as the city continues to heal from the mass shooting. The Las Vegas Healing Garden, an impromptu community-built shrine, will be planting daffodils Saturday at the 1015 S. Casino Center Blvd. site, according to the LA Times.

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