Man Tries To Steal Car With 2 Young Girls Inside, Gets Beating Of His Life

April 21, 2017Apr 21, 2017

When Brandie Weiler witnessed two cars collide in front of her while on the way to Busch Gardens theme park in Florida, she ran to the scene to help. But as she was on the phone with 911, the driver at fault in the crash took Brandie’s moment of distraction to run to Brandie’s van and attempt to carjack it.

And that’s where he made a big mistake.

According to CBN News, the van was still occupied by Brandie’s 7-year-old daughter Mollie and her very protective 12-year-old sister Maddie.

The man trying to carjack them, 21-year-old Paul Salsman, found himself under assault from a flurry of fists from Maddie as he tried to take control of the vehicle.

“He was saying all these things like, ‘Let’s go’ and ‘I need to get to this place,’” Maddie related.

That’s when “I just went for it,” she said, adding that all that went through her mind is that “he is a psycho and he needs to get out of the car.”

And she went beyond giving him the pummeling of his life.

“I put the car in ‘drive,’ because that’s a safety feature on the van,” Maddie explained. “I put it in drive [so he couldn’t turn the ignition] and held it there and just started punching him and screaming as loud as I could.”

She continued to beat Salsman until he gave up and was arrested.

Maddie, who comes from a family of firefighters and police officers who taught her what to do in these types of situations, walked away with a fractured risk but a story of heroism she can tell for a lifetime.

Praise the Lord for this girl’s actions!