Man Stabbed Boss 15 Times, Carved Sick Message into Her Forehead

April 23, 2018Apr 23, 2018

A despicable situation has just unfolded in Brighton, England. According to police, a man stabbed his boss 15 times and then carved a message into her forehead with a knife!

"A 'possessive, controlling and jealous' man stabbed his boss 15 times, before carving 'bully' across her forehead once he had killed her, a court heard," reported the Independent.

David Browning is now being held responsible for his sick actions. He is said to have stabbed Jillian Howell in the chest, neck and abdomen. The incident occurred after David had reportedly formed an intense attachment to the woman.

"He was her deputy and at times 'expressed unhappiness' at her management style, but the pair became friends and started seeing each other socially outside of work," according to the Independent.

It has also been revealed that David began to draw a close connection to his boss. Text messages revealed that he thought of her as more than a boss or friend. It appears he believed the two could one day have a romantic relationship together.

When his dreams were not going to be realized, Browning decided to kill himself after murdering Howell. While he succeeded in killing Howell, he did not take his own life. He even tried to frame an innocent person for the murder, though Browing eventually admitted to the gruesome incident.

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