Man Shoots Down Neighbor's Drone For THIS Reason

October 08, 2015Oct 08, 2015

When he had a gun in his hands while squirrel hunting on his property and saw his neighbor's drone flying over his property once again, Louisiana man Derek Vidrine decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to The Advocate, Vidrine had been in a dispute with his neighbor Aaron Hernandez for months over Hernandez's drone flying over his property. He claims it even hovered for an hour over a kid's birthday party for one of his relatives. Later, his wife reported seeing the drone often flying around her when she was practicing barrel racing.

Things came to a head when Vidrine's wife said she told Hernandez to stop and called the cops on him. A Sheriff's Deputy told Hernandez to stop flying his drone over Vidrine's property, but the next day when Vidrine spotted it again while squirrel hunting, he turned his gun on it and shot the aerial intruding, disabling its maneuvering capabilities.

According to Hernandez, he then ran to Vidrine and promised to not fly the drone around his wife again, but Vidrine shot the partially disabled drone anyway, knocking it from the sky.

Hernandez said he uses the drone as part of an aerial photography business, not for spying.


According to Lt Col. Bobby Webre of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, "(The FAA) seriously recommends getting permission from the property owner” before flying drones of their land, and to “use good common sense and respect people’s reasonable expectation of privacy."

Would you be tempted to shoot down a drone in this case? Do you think there should be restrictions on flying drones over your property?