Man Proposes to His Girlfriend, But After He Gives Her the Ring, She Gets Another Surprise

June 30, 2017Jun 30, 2017

Michael and his girlfriend were dating for a little over a year before he popped the question. How he asked her to marry him went viral after the couple shared their beautiful love story.

They met through mutual friends and quickly found many common interests, making an instant connection. His now fiance mentioned they had similar backgrounds including ‘growing up in the church’ and had a ‘mutual love for dogs’. She stated, “I soon came to the realization that this handsome man had everything that I had been looking for in a guy: A strong love for God, his family, and his friends.” In the beginning, they lived a few hours away, but made dating work.

On the day of the proposal, Michael took his then girlfriend up to the top of a parking garage: their favorite spot to watch the sunset. To her surprise, she arrived at their special spot by hearing their favorite song playing out loud and seeing tons of familiar faces. The couple’s friends and family were formed in two lines, making an aisle for the two to walk through.

Once they reached the end of the walkway, Michael made a romantic speech, then got down and one knee and placed the ring on his fiance’s finger. She was filled with so much joy! After seeing her family and getting an engagement ring, she never expected another surprise during this special moment.

Michael asked his fiance to close her eyes and hold out her hands, so she did. She says, “I remember thinking this was strange and that maybe we were going to pray or something.” However, she soon felt a ‘wet nose and furry face’, opening her eyes to an adorable puppy! She later found out the new puppy was Michael’s current dog’s brother. This was so memorable because they always wanted to own a dog together and have a friend for Michael's dog to play with. 

Watch the couple’s proposal video below:

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