Man in Tennessee Hunts 'Turkey of a Lifetime' After Unique Bird is Spotted

April 17, 2019Apr 17, 2019

For a lot fo people, hunting is both a way of life and a fun way of enjoying the outdoors. Some people are very serious about their hunting excursions and even spend their entire lives chasing one specific creature.

However, for a man in Tennessee, the hunt of a lifetime has just taken place. He bagged what is being described as a very unique bird that he will probably never get the chance to see again.

"On April 6, Cameron Bond of Warren County shot and killed the wild-looking turkey, which reportedly had a condition known as leucism, resulting in a partial loss of pigmentation, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA)," wrote Fox.

Bond was stunned to see the white bird! He knew it was extremely rare and a very lucky find.

He successfully hunted down the bird and was pictured holding it on a log. Many people were stunned by the images on social media!

"A photo of Bond holding the turkey shows its feathers to be nearly all-white, save for spots on its hind feathers. The TWRA added that the gobbler’s beard was also darker. Tennessee’s turkey-hunting season began March 31 and runs through May 12, according to the TWRA," according to Fox.

If you saw a turkey this big and beautiful, would you kill it? People had mixed opinions online.

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