Man High on Cocaine Refuses to Leave His Burning Car After it Crashes

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

A New Hampshire man allegedly high on cocaine crashed into a tree, causing his cart to burst into flames, but while the flames engulfed his car, he refused to leave, according to Boston 25

When local authorities arrived on scene near Pelham, New Hampshire, they were filled in from Jonathan Caress, a witness to the event. Caress spotted the car idling off the road shortly before Midnight on Monday.

He said that when he came upon the crashed car, it was steaming after striking a tree, and that the man was trying to leave the scene without help from police or fire fighters. Caress, a lieutenant paramedic in nearby Londonderry, would later call the police and after heading home.

“I rolled my window down and I said ‘are you okay?’ He said ‘no, I’m fine.’ I said ‘you sure? Everything good?’ He said ‘no, no, I’m good.’ But he looked like he was trying to shift the vehicle and get out of there. Something didn’t seem right,” said Caress.

When the police arrived, they found 53-year-old Michael Hines, of Derry, who refused to leave his car, even as the fire spread and the tires exploded. According to Fox News, he told authorities that he was a mechanic. 

The police managed to pull him from the vehicle. But even as they did, he tried to make his way back into his car.

“They were making sure they were getting him to a safe distance at all cost because that vehicle had the potential to explode,” Pelham Police Captain Stephen Toom said.

According to local police, Hines refused a blood test and failed a field sobriety test. He was arrested and released on personal recognizance Tuesday morning. He is set to appear in court later this month on charges of DUI and possession of cocaine.

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