Man Has 4 Limbs Amputated After Incident With His Own Dog

July 31, 2018Jul 31, 2018

Some of the best memories we ever make in our lives involve our pets. Animals can become like family members and millions of people across the nation have dogs they love!

Sadly, a devastating story about a dog and an owner has gone viral. A man in Wisconsin has just had his 4 limbs amputated after an incident involving his own pup.

"A 48-year-old man with a history of good health and who has spent his life around dogs was forced to have all of his limbs amputated after contracting a rare blood infection that likely came from his own pooch," reported Fox.

Greg Manteufel recently went to the ER after he experienced flu-like symptoms. Soon after, his body began to bruise all over and he felt violently ill. Doctors performed many tests and ultimately discovered the grave news.

"Subsequent testing revealed that Manteufel had contracted an infection from a bacteria identified as capnocytophaga, which is found in dog saliva. The bacteria can cause severe infections in people with weakened immune systems, and is spread through bites or close contact with infected dogs," reported Fox.

Sadly, Greg's life was forever changed as doctors amputated his limbs in order to save his life. Experts say this is an extremely rare condition and 99% of owners should not have to ever worry about this. Please join us in praying for Greg and his family!

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