Man Goes to Propose to His Girlfriend, Then Turns to Her Sister and Gets Down on One Knee

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

They met through mutual friends after she posted a photo of his car, an old Chevy Camaro, online saying she ‘loved it’. At the time, she had no idea who Will was or who the car belonged to, but friends later connected them after she posted the photo. Ashley notes she was extremely excited when she finally got to ride in it on their first date. 

Although their 'how they met' story was precious, Ashley truly adores how important her sister is to Will. She said, "I told Will that Hannah and I were a package deal. You had to accept her, love her, and include her in everything because she and I would attached at the hip forever."

She continues, "Will went above and beyond, always including Hannah in our dates. We went to all the Minion movies, parks, theme parks, and we’ve all become best friends over the past 7 years (he even bought US a German Shepherd puppy!). He is the best thing to have ever come into our lives, and I’m so lucky to be calling him my husband soon."

Throughout their entire relationship, Hannah always played a large part in their life and they ensure that she will continue to do so throughout their engagement and marriage.

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You can read Ashley and Will’s full love story on ‘How He Asked’. Thank you!

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