Man Formally Charged with SLC Woman's Murder, Evidence Shows She Died of Blunt Force Trauma

July 10, 2019Jul 10, 2019

The sad story of the missing woman from Salt Lake City is finally drawing to an end. Officials announced last week that Mackenzie Lueck had been brutally murdered. They charged one man in connection with her disappearance and death.

Officials have made a bittersweet discovery when they found Mackenzie's body roughly 80-miles north of Salt Lake. They have now revealed that she was buried in a shallow grave and her body had been partially burned.

"District Attorney Sim Gill said Wednesday that the remains had been burned and were found in a shallow grave in a wooded area. Lueck's arms were bound behind her back with zip ties and she also suffered blunt force trauma to her skull, which a medical examiner said could have been fatal," according to NBC.

"The body of murdered University of Utah student Mackenzie Leuck was recovered 80 miles north of Salt Lake City, police said in a news conference Friday. Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said the remains of the 22-year-old college student were recovered Wednesday in Logan Canyon," according to Fox.

Now, police have formally charged the suspect with her murder. The news comes as investigators work tirelessly to piece together this horrible case.

Officials are also revealing more information about the man they say killed her. They have revealed his identity. He is a 31-year-old man known as Ayoola Ajayi. He allegedly met Lueck in the park during the middle of the night.

Sadly, warning signs appear to have been missed. Officials have now confirmed that years prior to this incident, Ajayi was also accused of rape.

"Years before Lueck's June 17 disappearance, Ajayi was accused by a coworker of sexual assault, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. The coworker said their contact began consensually at his home, but when she wanted to stop he refused and had sex with her anyway," reported Fox.

The woman in that case later determined she did not want to pursue charges. Ajayi was also banned from the campus of Utah State University in 2012 after he was arrested by campus police in a separate incident.

"Investigators alleged Ajayi lied about his status at school, and said he had a girlfriend who lived on campus. Officials, however, reportedly believed Ajayi was homeless and was using campus facilities," reported Fox.

Police Ajayi killed Lueck and was thought to have burned her body and belongings in his backyard.

"Human bone, muscular tissue, a charred cellphone, and other personal items were also discovered in Ajayi's backyard, according to Gill. Neighbors had previously told authorities that Ajayi had burned something with gasoline in his backyard around June 17 or 18," according to reports.

Please join us in praying for the Lueck family.

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