Man Finds Parents 33 Years After They Abandoned Him at Gatwick Airport

May 14, 2019May 14, 2019

A mystery has just come to a happy ending. A baby who was abandoned at the Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom has just found his parents.

"On April 10, 1986, Steve Hydes, made national headlines when he was found by a female duty-free sales worker on the floor of a bathroom in the London air hub, Yahoo News UK and The Independent report. Wrapped in a tartan shawl and wearing two baby onesies, his origin story was all but a mystery," reported Fox.

Now, decades have passed since the child was found. Steve Hydes is now 33-years-old. He was adopted as a child but he never understood why he was left at the airport. After he turned 18, Hydes began a quest to find answers. With the help of genealogists, he tracked down his parents.

“After 15 years of searching, I am happy to confirm that with the very hard work of genetic genealogists… we have been able to trace and confirm my birth family,” Hydes wrote online. “Unfortunately my birth mum has passed away so I am unable to find out exactly what happened and why. However I have found my birth father and siblings on both sides, who were all unaware of my existence,” he continued.

Hydes continued by thanking everyone involved in helping him find his birth parents. At this time, he declined to comment further. The matter is especially sensitive. Please join us in praying for him.

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