Man Fatally Stabs His Girlfriend and Shoots 3 People at Church

May 27, 2019May 27, 2019

A horribly sad story has been reported that will leave you in tears. Police believe a man fatally stabbed his own girlfriend before opening fire on a Baptist church.

"The gunman was then shot and wounded by military police at the church in Paracatu in Minais Gerais state. He was reported in serious condition at a hospital late Tuesday. Authorities identified him as 39-year-old Rudson Aragao Guimaraes," reported Fox News.

The incident took place in Brazil. More details are still coming in at this time. Investigators are working to figure out exactly what happened and why the man decided to take so many innocent lives.

While a direct motive for the attack has yet to be released, some speculate it has to do with a personal vendetta against the church. The man had reportedly been expelled by the congregation for "problems of behavior" in the past.

"The attack took place in the Bela Vista neighborhood of Paracatu, which is a city of 80,000 inhabitants," according to reports.

Please join us in praying for all those who lost loved ones in this horrible incident. We pray that God brings them peace and healing.

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