Man Falls 800 Feet Down Famous Caldera in Oregon, Miraculously Survives

June 11, 2019Jun 11, 2019

An incredible incident has taken place in Oregon that has made headlines around the country. A man has survived after he fell over 800-feet into the Crater Lake caldera.

"The Coast Guard’s North Bend Sector received a call at 3:47 p.m. from the National Park Service that a man fell into the Crater Lake caldera near Rims Village, officials said in a press release," according to reports.

Emergency crews worked tirelessly to rescue to man. They were able to use a Rope Rescue Team and reach him only 30 minutes after he was reported to have fallen. They heard the man yelling for help after descending 600-feet into the caldera.

"Approximately 15 minutes after arriving on the scene, the man, who had fallen 800 feet, was hoisted up. He was transferred to an AirLink Critical Care Transport Team who transported him to an area hospital," according to reports.

His condition is still being evaluated by medical professionals. He is sure to have sustained some injuries during the fall. Please join us in praying for his complete recovery in the name of Jesus. We also pray for the doctors and medical professionals who are working on him.

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