Man Faces 21 Months in Prison After Attacking Republican Senator

January 23, 2018Jan 23, 2018

NBC News reports that federal prosecutors will seek a 21-month prison sentence for a man accused of assaulting Republican Senator Rand Paul. A court document filed by federal prosecutors claimed that the motive behind the attack stemmed from a dispute about yard maintenance.

Boucher has signed the plea agreement but no date has yet been set for his guilty plea to attacking the Republican Senator. Many also remain convinced that the attack was politically motivated since a yard dispute would be a rather odd reason to attack one's neighbor.

Matt Baker, Boucher's defense attorney, is arguing that his client shouldn't get any time in prison. Despite attacking a US Senator for political purposes — or for a trivial lawn dispute — he claims that Boucher is a "good and a decent person" who made a "mistake."   

"Everyone needs to remember, first and foremost, that this is a dispute between two neighbors," Baker said in a phone interview. "It was not and has never been politically motivated. And if this very same incident had occurred between two private persons, neither of whom were a congressman or a senator, we wouldn't be in federal court."

The audio of Paul's 911 call was released on Monday. In the call, Paul says that he was assaulted by his neighbor while mowing his lawn and requested that police come by to investigate. Paul's breathing seemed stressed, but like always, Paul sounded very calm while talking. 

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was mowing his lawn. Suddenly, he was blindsided by an attack that resulted in multiple sustained injuries, including five ribs that are now cracked, bruised lungs, and pain bad enough that Paul was unable to fly on an airplane for a considerable amount of time. 

The attack took place shortly after 3 pm local time on Friday when Paul's neighbor tackled him to the ground. Initial reports claimed that Paul had a minor injury. Paul's Senate office initially reported that the senator was doing fine, but the description of Paul's injuries above, which came to light after the incident, display that Paul is severely wounded and suffering from considerable pain.

According to online records, Boucher was released on a $7,500 bond.

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