Man Does Something Amazing for Stranger as Hurricane Irma Approaches

September 08, 2017Sep 08, 2017

As the nation waits for Hurricane Irma to finally hit Florida, many are taking shelter and preparing for destruction. The governor has even issued a massive warning to all residents that they should evacuate the area.

Some people are deciding to gather supplies for what could be a terrible situation. Recently, one local woman decided to go look for a generator at a local home improvement store.

The woman’s elderly father is on oxygen and she was worried about powering his oxygen pump if the power goes out. However, when she arrived at the store, she learned the final generator had just been sold.

While doing a news interview with reports inside the store, the woman began to break down. We can only imagine the stress she was under and how concerned she is for her faith.

It was at that moment that something amazing happened! The man who had just gotten the final generator came over to her and decided she should buy it, not him. Watch the video below!

What do you think about this? Was this incredible or what?! Please join us in praying for people in the way of Hurricane Irma! Also, be sure to read our latest article about the shocking thing an NFL star just did to his son!

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