Man Dies From Stabbing Attack at Texas Church Service, Pastor Hospitalized

February 08, 2018Feb 08, 2018

According to Fox News, a deadly stabbing attack happened during a small church service at a Texas home. Sources claim that one person had died and three others were stabbed during the incident. 

The incident occurred on Wednesday night. A total of 12 to 20 people were inside of the home when an apparent member of the congregation pulled out a knife and began to stab the people around him. 

One 61-year-old man died from injuries, and the 54-year-old pastor is currently in the hospital in serious condition. One report claims that he is suffering from a stab to the chest. The names of the victims haven't yet been released to the public. 

Another person hospitalized is a band member, who is suffering from life-threatening injuries. Two other men have suffered from puncture wounds, but it is unclear whether the injuries are life-threatening. 

The suspect is 28-year-old Marco Antonio Moreno, who surrendered to congregants after stabbing the four people inside of the home. Currently, he is being held in a local county jail on murder and aggravated assault charges. 

The suspect doesn't appear to have a criminal history. Investigators are still trying to discover a possible motive for the attack. 10 TV claims that the attack seems to stem from a domestic dispute, but no sources were given for this claim.

Fox News writes that the incident occurred at about 7 pm. Corpus Christi police were quickly called after the incident and then quickly came to the nondenominational service.

Those gathering in the home have been going every day as part of a "40-day pledge." 

In November, a gunman fatally shot more than a dozen worshippers at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

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