Man Describes Comforting Wounded State Trooper During His Final Moments After Traffic Stop Turned Violent

October 22, 2018Oct 22, 2018

A man from North Carolina was recently thrown into a heartbreaking situation. Hilton Cox was at his home when he heard gunshots. He decided to see what was taking place so he got into his vehicle and drove around the area.

He never expected what he found. A wounded state trooper was taking his final breaths after being injured in a traffic stop that turned violent. Hilton rushed to help the wounded officer when he saw him laying in the road.

"I immediately called 911 and started talking to him, checking his vitals. He had a pulse. He was breathing and he still had a heartbeat and was gasping for air,” Cox told the station. “I held onto him until the EMTs showed up.”

Hilton did his best to comfort the brave office. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries moments after paramedics took him to the hospital.

Cox told WTVD-TV he comforted Conner -- a father of two -- telling him “everything will be OK,” and that the trooper “would make it through this.” It is truly incredible to hear that Officer Conner was not alone during his final moments.

The man who shot him was later apprehended by authorities. He is being charged with first-degree murder.

Please join us in praying for Officer Conner's family as they mourn the loss of their loved one. We especially pray for his two young children. We also ask God's protection to surround all of our men and women in uniform. In other related news, a massive manhunt is underway for suspects who shot and killed an officer.

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