Man Deliberately Drives Into River to Avoid Police in Unbelievable Video

December 29, 2017Dec 29, 2017

One man took a drastic step to get away from the cops—driving into the freezing Columbia River. Unfortunately, that step left him swimming around in the freezing river without a plan.


Timofey Erofeeff, 27, was fleeing the police on Wednesday after being spotted trespassing on boats in the Astoria Oregon, reported the Daily Astorian. A police chase was triggered, and Erofeeff drove full steam ahead off a pier.

After he drove into the river, Erofeeff had to be rescued.

The video shows the man drive his red F-150 off the pier. According to Yahoo, police estimated he was driving 45 mph at the time he launched into the river.

At the time, police were told to charge him with second-degree criminal trespass. Additionally, they were advised to take him into custody for a parole violation in another county. However, instead, a police chase ensued.

The Astoria notes that Officers did not follow Erofeeff when he drove onto a pier. However, despite immediate pursuit, he apparently decided to launch the pickup off the end into the Columbia before exiting the vehicle.

He swam out a couple of hundred feet into the frigid river. The Coast Guard was called and prepared a helicopter to rescue him. However, he appeared to think better of swimming away in the freezing river, and he swam back to the peer.

The pier was too high for police to Erofeeff. They passed him a life jacket and flotation ring. Eventually, employees from nearby shipwright WCT Marine & Construction Inc. pulled him out of the water into a skiff and brought him to shore.

Erofeeff spent about 20 minutes in the icy water.

“I’m thankful the men from WCT Marine and fishing vessel (Pacific Wind) were there and willing to help,” said Deputy Astoria Police Chief Eric Halverson. “Mr. Erofeeff should be thankful too.”


Erofeeff was taken to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia before being released to an officer.

He's in the county jail on charges of second-degree criminal trespass, parole violation, interfering with a police officer, attempt to elude a police officer, reckless driving, and third-degree escape. He has previous arrests in Clackamas County for burglary and Deschutes County for theft.

Police eventually located Erofeeff's F-150 and pulled it out of the river. They posted a video on their Facebook, saying they were cleaning up the mess from the other day.

Can you believe he drove off the pier without any kind of plan? Someone has been watching too many action movies. In other news, authorities have released the cause of the deadly fire in New York City. 


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