Parent Bursts into Elementary School and Takes Teacher Hostage, Police Evacuating Students

October 31, 2017Oct 31, 2017

It has been a tragic day in America after numerous events have made headlines for horrible reasons. Now, another event is causing news outlets to cover it around the country.

A man has just barged into a classroom and has taken a hostage. We now have reports that the man is a parent of a child at the school and he has taken a teacher hostage.

At this time, police are on the scene. Officials and law enforcement personnel have been working hard to safely evacuate children forms the area.

Officials were first notified about the incident at 11:20 AM in California. The school is located in Riverside and is named the Castle View Elementary School.

“The door to a room is blocked with a man and another person inside, officials said. It was not immediately clear which room the man and hostage were in. KTLA reported the suspect was a parent,” according to the L.A. Times.

Police evacuated all students from the campus but are not allowing parents to pick up their children while the area is on lockdown, Justin Grayson, the Riverside Unified spokesman said. No students were left at the school, and no students were taken hostage, Grayson told KTTV. It was not immediately clear whether the man had a weapon, according to reports.

Please join us in praying for a safe end to this horrible situation. We ask for God’s healing comfort and grace on all those involved and for a safe ending to this situation.

Please comment your prayers on our Facebook page. Be sure to read our other breaking news story about an alleged terrorist attack that just rocked New York City.

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