Man Attacks Same Woman He Raped Before Put In Jail For Incredibly Short Time, Currently Not Yet Captured

June 20, 2019Jun 20, 2019

Wow, if this isn't a testament to the need for longer sentences for rape, what is? Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, 35, attacked the same wheelchair-bound victim again, just days after being released from prison. He purposefully sought her out after his release, leaving the partially paralyzed woman with cuts and bruises, a seizure and a concussion after authorities say she was strangled and struck in the head, reports Fox News.

Carranza-Ramirez had initially targeted the woman by asking her if she and her two-year-old son needed a ride home. After going up to her apartment, he raped her, coming back again two days later to rape her again.

Carranza-Ramirez was charged with 3rd degree rape, only receiving nine months in jail. Just two days after his release, he went back and found the same woman, pushing her out of her wheelchair in front of her young son, beating her profusely. He was supposed to be on a flight to his native Mexico after his release; but obviously he had other plans.

Washington authorities are currently on the search for the wanted felon, whom the victim is so terrified of, telling law enforcement that she believes he will kill her.

Carranza-Ramirez now faces assault in the second degree, felony harassment, intimidating a witness and felony violation of a sexual assault protection order. A possible sentence multiplier due to allegedly reoffending only days after leaving jail was attached to each charge.

Please pray for this poor woman and her son and that this dangerous man will be found and put away for a long time. Add your prayers in the comments! Thank you so much.

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