Man Arrested Near White House After Threatening to Kill All White Cops

November 07, 2017Nov 07, 2017

On Monday, the Secret Service arrested a man near the White House. They were told to look out for the man, who had allegedly threatened to kill "all white police" who were stationed there. 

According to Fox News, a Facebook profile appeared to show him as "checked in" at the White House on Monday, and included many bold claims such as  “Now i am going to there to white House make sure kill All white POLICE !!,” “I remove the power of darkenes [sic] from USA in the powerful name of Jesus Christ !!,” and “Put Him on Jail Donald J Trump in Maighty Name of JESUS CHRRIST !!”

Police alerted the US Secret Service that the man planned to go to Washington. About an hour after arrival, after he was spotted on Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park, he was arrested without incident. Officials say some charges are still pending. 

The man arrested, Michael Arega, was nevertheless charged with making felony threats, although he wasn't armed at the time of his arrest. The Secret Service protection intelligence decision was notified at around 2:25 pm to be on the lookout. They then spotted him at about 4:05 pm. 

It appears that those who know him also thought he posed a legitimate threat. The man's ex-wife alerted police from her home in Texas, according to CNN. The ex-wife was concerned about her former husband's mental and emotional health, claiming that he had stopped taking his prescribed medications. When she called the police, she made clear that she had discovered troubling messages on his Facebook page. She thought they should be taken seriously, so she made sure that police were well aware of them. 

The police first showed up at the man's hotel, but he was already gone by the time they arrived. It was for this reason that they had to arrest him close to the White House.  

According to Fox 5, the investigation is still ongoing. 

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