Man who risked his own life to save a stranger who fell onto electrified rail gifted with a car

A Chicago man named Anthony Perry is being recognized for saving the life of a man who fell on the subway’s electrified rail.

A philanthropist, businessman and other person gifted him a 2008 Audi A6 during a ceremony to honor his heroic efforts.

Anthony, 20, risked his own life by saving the man, but he wasn’t thinking of himself at the time. Instead, his attention was on getting him out of the tracks.


“I don’t think I was thinking about what could happen to me at the moment,” he recalled. “It was more of what do I have to do to make the situation peaceful. I felt a little shock. I felt it all over my body actually, and then I just didn’t let that stop me.”

The incident occurred in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood, Sunday afternoon.

Anthony Perry rescuing a man being electrocuted on the rails

According to authorities, the 32 year-old man fell onto rails after a fight with another commuter.

In a video captured by Tavi Ghee, the man’s body can be seen pulsating as the electricity courses through his bent-over body. Witnesses say that he went up to the other passenger, started the fight and spit on him.

The men fought until they both ended up rolling on tracks. They exchanged blows until the man wearing the white shirt was trapped on third rail.

The other commuter, wearing a black jacket and hooded jacket fled the scene and ran from the station. Investigators are currently trying his identification.

Anthony Perry and Early Walker

Anthony jumped quickly onto the tracks to save the man after he saw him being electrocuted. He jumps back slightly when he touches the man’s body to pull him away from the rail.

“It was definitely surreal,” said the person who filmed the scene. “That was an out-of-body experience.”

The Good Samaritan performed chest compressions on the man with the help of a female witness.

“She was talking me through on what to do,” he said. “I feel like that was an angel from God. I ended up doing chest compressions and turning him on his side until the fire department got there.”

He claimed that he was just out of a train and saw the fight.

“I immediately noticed there was a fight because both guys got their dukes up – they were like putting their stuff down,” Anthony said.

Anthony Perry and Early Walker

“I could’ve kept walking, but I was like, you know what? I’m not going to keep walking – because God wouldn’t want me to do that, so I took action immediately,” he continued.

The electrocuted victim was treated at the University of Chicago Hospital. He is expected live.

“I was thinking about, if that was me in that situation, how would I want people to treat me?” Anthony said. “I’m just happy that the guy was alive, more than anything. I didn’t see myself as a hero, to be honest.”

Anthony commutes approximately 90 minutes to work at Amazon Fresh in Oak Lawn. He takes two buses and one train. Early Walker presented his new car to him during the ceremony.

“We need more Anthonys in the world. We need more people like this,” Early said.

Anthony Perry with his new car

Anthony was shocked to see what he was being awarded.

“Good does win. Good always wins,” he told the media after receiving his surprise gift.

CTA states that if you spot someone on the tracks, you must notify CTA employees. They will then notify the control center, which will turn off power to third rail.

In a statement, they said that individuals “should never try to enter the right of way, or try to remove the person themselves, as they risk electrocution.”

Click on the video below to see Anthony’s reaction to the surprise.

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