Man Receives Scorn For His Reaction To His Girlfriend Fainting

A man recently took to the subreddit “r/AmItheAsshole” to present a scenario in which his girlfriend had passed out in the shower and her roommate’s boyfriend had to save her. Instead of worrying about his girlfriend’s serious injuries or underlying medical condition he was more concerned that another guy ended-up seeing his GF naked. Reddit was quick to tell him he was a jerk when he asked them. In the midst of the most divisive year ever recorded, the entire world agreed on one thing for a brief moment. This man is clearly a liar.

The Jerk has Speaked

As you can see in the thread below, everyone seemed unified in their overall opinion of this story. This man seems to be an insecure wreck who chose the wrong parts of a situation and prioritized them.

The beauty of this bizarre scenario is not the comment, but the vast array of responses from the public to it. Everyone was equally shocked at the story and somewhat shocked that the person who posted it seemed to be so unaware of their own obvious insanity.

Take note: If your loved one falls in the bath, make sure you put their health first. This man seems not to have heeded that message. The world quickly pointed out how wrong he was in his perception and how he handled this incident.

The Masses Have Speak

Although people may spit on Twitter about how fast it seems to want everyone to be canceled, there are times when the place is actually a gold mine. This is one example. This thread is not for him and his ego-driven reaction to a real crisis.

Highlights of the answers to his question include:

The best comment is by itself.

The world has spoken, buddy. You presented them with an honest scenario and asked everyone’s opinion and everyone has spoken.

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