Man Outraged After Pregnant Fiancée Refuses To Let Him Name Their Twins, But There’s A Twist

Naming your children can be so personal and exciting. It’s a great adventure to go through your favorite lists and discuss your choices with loved ones. 

However, sometimes when you and your partner can’t decide on a name things can get tense. Things can quickly get ugly if they don’t like every name you suggest, or vice versa.

This woman was recently in this exact situation turned to RedditAnd she was then asked what she should do if she didn’t tell her. fiancé that he didn’t get to name BothTheir children.

Double The Trouble

So, at first glance you might think, yeah, that’s kind of unfair that the woman would Refuse to let her fiancé help name their babies. But, that’s not exactly what’s happening here.

The poster is currently pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, and her fiancé has claimed the boy as a “junior.” Meaning the boy would automatically have his first, middle, and last name. However, the fiancé didn’t stop there. He also wants to name the girl after his mother and have the baby girl’s middle name be his dad’s name. What does this leave for the commenter?

The commenter is left with no choice but to name the twins. She did what most people would do, and tried to have a discussion about it. “I told him that I didn’t really think it was fair that he got to name the first baby what he wanted and now wants to name the second baby also what he wants. I also said it wasn’t fair that my family gets excluded. He said he really wanted to incorporate at least his mom’s name.”

After that, the fiancé became “visibly sad, upset, and standoffish,” after conversations about naming the babies.

In the end, she stood up for herself and even tried to compromise with her fiancé. “I told him he doesn’t get to name both of the babies what he wants. He was upset about my comment and has been very hostile towards me. I don’t think that was so awful of me to say but now I’m second-guessing my comment.”

Reddit Responds

Reddit’s response was mostly in favor of the mom, obviously. Several stated some variation of, “Girl you’re growing those babies. You get a say in the name.”

Other posters warned of the plight of “juniors” with cautionary tales of government documentation mix-ups and other issues. One commenter stated, “My husband is a junior. He also grew-up in the same small town his dad was born. Everyone knows him and thinks he’s a troublemaker like his dad. They have had so many issues with insurance, cell phones, jobs, etc.”

Others commented that the lack of compromise was a red alert. One commenter said, “He’s being a bully and needs to learn to compromise if he wants to be in an adult relationship. Things don’t just go his way all the time when it comes to being a co-parent.” Hopefully, the fiancé will learn to compromise before the babies are born.

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