Man builds his dream three-story home by creatively reusing old shipping containers

The shipping container homes trend has exploded over the last few years, but we bet you haven’t seen one quite like Will Breaux’s.

Will purchased several shipping containers to build the home of his dreams. He then repurposed them to create his unique living space. His building project was so well-done, it exceeded all his expectations.

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Luckily, it’s relatively easy to find old shipping containers for sale. They’re also cheap, which means buying several won’t hurt your wallet too much. You can create a home by connecting them. It’s a fraction of what it costs to build a traditional house.

Will’s shipping container home took 10 years in the making. He moved to Houston, Texas in 1999. He was interested in purchasing a home. However, the area he wanted to settle in wasn’t the best, so he decided on Galleria. He bought a townhouse in Galleria, where he lived for five more years.

A three-story shipping container house
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Will came across McGowen while exploring the area. Despite the fact that the area was not very well-developed, Will bought it with the intention of building a home and living there. He decided to upcycle instead of building a traditional house.

Will bought his first shipping box, but was shocked to learn that the city bans any type or mobile home on vacant land. He was afraid that his plans would be stopped, but he persevered and was allowed to build his container house on the land he purchased.

It took him five more years to resolve other issues. He knew he needed seriousness to realize his vision.

The bedroom inside a shipping container house
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Will bought 11 shipping boxes and stacked them on top each other to make a three-story house with rooftop deck. Because shipping containers are strong, fireproof and hurricane resistant, Will chose them as the best construction material.

Will’s lack of professional building experience didn’t stop him from pursuing the project. He can always seek out the help of experts.

A 3D sketch of a three-story shipping container house
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Will did a lot of research and consulted an engineer. To help them visualize how everything would fit together, they created an 3D sketch of their house.

The real work began after that. Will was left with a stunning, 2,500-square-foot house that has plenty of character.

He was able add all the pieces he wanted and to furnish the space according his taste.

The living area inside a shipping container house
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The shipping container home comes with all the same amenities as a regular home. Although the outside of this home isn’t much to look at, the interior looks fantastic!

The space gives off a relaxing vibe—like it’s somewhere you’d want to lounge in after a long and tiring day. No one would ever guess that it looks this gorgeous on the inside, making Will’s home even more unique.

Inside a shipping container house
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This modern design features a spacious kitchen in this shipping container home.

The kitchen of a shipping container house
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The shower features old-fashioned industrial features.

The bathroom of a shipping container house
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A balcony is also available with an old metal rail.

The container house features a covered carport, as well as outdoor lighting.

The balcony of a shipping container house
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In his blog, Will noted that this project is totally doable, but it can’t be done properly without the help of professionals who would ensure that the construction of the home is up to standard.

This place is truly amazing! It’s something that Will could proudly call his own.

If you’re interested in building your own shipping container home, you might want to visit Will’s blog to get some valuable tips.

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