Heartbreaking Maleah Davis Case Update: Police Confirm Arrest Made After 4-Year-Old’s Disappearance

May 11, 2019May 11, 2019

Much of the public has recently been praying for 4-year-old Malaeh Davis after she disappeared from Houston, Texas last week. Her stepfather, 26-year-old Derion Vence, was the one who initially reported her missing to authorities.

An AMBER ALERT was issued immediately. Her case quickly became high profile because she was in need of medical attention after undergoing brain surgery for a head injury the week prior.

Vence originally claimed that she was abducted by three men along with him and his son. Vence and the 1-year-old boy were allegedly able to escape, but he said the men still took Maleah and got away with their vehicle. However, the police became suspicious when his story kept changing over time.

Additionally, more suspicious details eventually came forward. Local authorities discovered surveillance footage of Vence around the time of Maleah’s sudden disappearance. He was reportedly carrying a laundry basket with a trash bag tucked inside. Later, police found the car that Vence said was stolen with the laundry basket and a gas can in the trunk.

Vence was finally arrested after enough evidence stacked up against him. According to ABC 13, blood evidence was discovered in his apartment, which led to him being taken into custody. He was charged with “tampering with evidence, namely a corpse.”

Although news outlets have been referring to Vence as Maleah’s stepdad, the mother of the child revealed that she and Vence recently broke off their engagement. Maleah’s mom told investigators that she called it off after Vence abused her daughter.

Some reports stated that Maleah’s recent brain surgery came as a result of physical abuse, but that has not been credibly confirmed. Other news outlets stated that Maleah’s head injury was caused by a fall. CPS did take Maleah and her siblings away from their home over abuse allegations, but they were returned to their mother several months later.

As of Friday evening, police have not confirmed if Maleah’s body was found. Based on the recent arrest, the public is unfortunately not hopeful for her to be found alive.

Please pray for Malaeh’s family members as this case comes to an end. In other breaking news, a famous actor was found dead inside his home at only 38 years old.  

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